sliders - show off that fresh pedi

in a world where the cold air outside doesn't still hurt my face, I would go everywhere in sliders. need supply offers a bunch of cute options: neutral, coloured, double-strapped, ankle-strapped, and, of course, the classic arizona birkenstock

a few of our faves include the teresa II slide by sol sana in taupe suede ($110) and oak + fort’s beige design ($48 US). they share a similar shape, although oak + fort’s slider offers less support, making it perfect for a night out that involves more chilling than walking. sol sana's slide is great too, and the nude shade can really tie together an outfit. lucky for us, sol sana offers a few other models, including the solo slide in dove grey ($116) – they may have holes in them, but this ain’t kanye’s collection, trust. 

if you’d rather put in the miles and spend your day off shopping with your bae, these two part flat sandals available on asos ($68) got your back (or ankle? you get it). you can walk around knowing they won’t fall off your feet if the sidewalk has you wishing you’d opted for sneakers, and you still get to show off them fresh toes.

but dat minimalist sandal of woman by common projects tho. as always, there's one guilty pleasure we just can’t help dreaming about. no, seriously, we mean it, because these italian-made uber leather sliders come in at a maaaajor 564 canadian buckaroos. but we’re sure you have a birthday coming up.

by nina morena