sisyphe - the lost boys

screw peter pan – ‘lost boys’ is now only to be used in reference to the amazing third collection of sisyphe. the palette of baby blue and blush pink is perfection, adding a nice contrast with the grunge style of the clothes. my favorite of the collection being the oversized white tee with a pink square in the centre and ‘la femme rebelle’ printed over it – a big fuck you to all the teachers who told you to colour in the lines.

squares are a recurring aspect of the collection as they appear printed on a number of shirts and socks – and trust me you’ll always match your socks once you get a pair of these. I’ve never craved socks before, but after seeing these high socks with black, white or pink squares and the word ‘sisyphe’ printed on them I was hooked.

looking at the shoots collectively the setting is always linear and geometric while at the same time very much natural and earthy. if this is what being a lost boy is all about I hope I never ever grow up.

by blake harris