seeker x retriever ss17 - all kinds of neutral

seeker x retriever is an australian brand that prides itself on the ethical making of clothing, proving that you can have your cake and eat it too: major outfits + sustainable production. not only are the clothes ethically crafted in thailand, but they're also generally seasonless and genderless, making for a versatile wardrobe full of staples you can wear forever, whoever you are.

we got in touch with one of the creative directors who told us all about their latest collection, "remain in light." hint: we're in love.

when we asked about creative inspiration, the creative director told us, "we were really inspired by the endlessly beautiful geography of Australia, whether coastlines, deserts, tropical rainforests or cityscapes, and how seasons often have no clear definition."

what are these clothes made of, you ask? "we collaborated with an artisanal collective in the Northeastern Isaan region of Thailand who traditionally weave "Pha Khao Ma" (a traditional checkered loincloth) to create a unique striped pattern which you won't find anywhere else. from the fabrics in this collection, the Mango color is dyed from real mango leaves so it is quite special to us. The Neutral Stripes pattern, too, is a very limited pattern made exclusively for us as part of a collaboration with our artisans.

and why is this collection so unique? "We've focused on functionality even more in this collection; for example, with the Muse Dress, which you can wear as is, wear as an off-shoulder dress, or even wear as a skirt. The Two-way tee is a T-shirt and Henley hybrid that can be worn both ways and our Anywhere Jacket has a hidden pocket for your passport!"

by nina morena