pansy - comfy underwear

calvin klein, who? we just discovered a new brand of underwear and we’re pretty stoked! it all started when two californians - laura schoorl and rachel corry - had a dream about comfortable, organic and beautiful underwear that wasn’t made in a sweatshop, but sewn with love and care. pansy is environmentally conscious, as it uses 100% organic, usa-grown cotton.

the style of the undergarments are super simple and easy to wear, and will definitely make you feel comfortable and sexy. I feel like I need to emphasize the comfort of the underwear more - like I would totally wear these for lounging in at home.

even the color palette is on point as it features rust, twig and apricot, as well as your regular black and white combo. lately I've been into wearing bralettes more than regular bras because of the comfort and confidence it gives me. girl, you don’t need to wear a push up bra or have that extra padding to feel sexy - I personally think that it comes from ease and personality.

if you’re up for soft, simple and wire-free bras then you’ll be down for pansy.

by jamie gomez