land of women x the dreslyn - grey hair don't care

don't know about you, but I admire older women. when I think of my mother or my grand-mother, I get dizzy thinking about all the epic decades they went through. it's kind of crazy knowing that my mamie was born with radio, witnessed the arrival of televisions, computers and then internet - at 85 she now has a facebook profile and facetimes once in a while.

beyond their amazing life stories, I just find older women beautiful. their natural hair with unique hues of grey and white, the soft pattern of wrinkles on their face... their sense of style too! linda rodin, in her late 60s, is one of my fashion icons - you should def' check out her instagram. in this era of eternal youth, false boobies and butt implants, I'm not afraid of aging in a natural way.

land of women knows what I'm sayin'! the nyc based underwear brand partnered up with the dreslyn for a special collaboration and asked 60-year-old french model yasmina rossi to be part of the campaign. take a look at the images and, please, throw out your anti-aging creams.