japanese slippers from shimokitazawa


during our recent trip to tokyo, we got to discover incredible thrift stores - mainly in the district of shimokitazawa. exploring these tiny streets filled with secondhand shops was so much fun! 

one of our highlights was a japanese military surplus called hoochie coochie. there, we found a vast selection of authentic sashiko vests and striped long sleeves made of 100% cotton. we searched through racks of khaki pants and stumbled on a box of vintage slippers.

as we picked up a pair, we had an instant crush on its minimal yet functional design. originally used for convalescent patients in the army - or so you could read on the packaging - they made for the perfect stay-at-home shoes.


hoochie coochie
2-30-2, 1f maruwa center bldg., kitazawa, setagaya-ku
opening hours | 12pm - 8pm