how to care for your plants at home with plantzy


if you're like us, your apartment is crowded with plants - to a near jungle extent. but taking care of your botanical roommates is not always easy. they can be pretty demanding friends! so we reached out to elizabeth gartside from plantzy, a montreal based botanical agency, to ask her a few questions and benefit from her plant wisdom:

hey elizabeth, how are you?

i am good thank you!

we’d like to take better care of our plants at home. first off, what are common mistakes that we, plant rookies, often make?

one of the common mistakes is to overwater plants. a lot of plants fear too much water or else their roots will rot. plant rookies don’t often know how to understand their plant - they may not be able to talk, but they will show you what they are lacking or having too much of.


what are your go-to low maintenance plants for those not-so-green-fingers out there?

i would say a zamioculcas, to adopt it is to forget it! it is really easy and tough! also a cactus, you can water it once every three weeks, near a window it will be happy! it grows slowly, so you won’t need to repot it all the time!

this will sound dumb but, how do you water plants? should you go slow, with a sensual-like wrist gesture? counterclockwise? help!

hum.. it depends on the plant! if the leaves are fragile, going slowly and at the base of the plant is a good way to go. as long as the plant has the right amount of water it will be happy! the roots will manage to find water within the soil.

and what about water temperature?

room temperature is always the best! you don’t want to shock the roots!


any secret mix we should add to the soil for our plants to grow better, faster, stronger?

coffee grounds in small quantities will help your plants. but the secret not so secret is the appropriate amount of light!

one of our readers was wondering: how do you know what size of plant pot should you pick? and, as a follow up question, when should you go up a size and transfer the plant?

how to choose a plant pot is simple, it has to fit your needs! if you don’t have a lot of space, start with a small pot (4”) if you have more space, start right away with a 10”! plants grow, but not as fast as in nature. so if you want a big one, buy a big one. you can wait until it doubles before transferring the plant into a bigger pot. another way to know is when the roots are trying to escape from the pot, then it’s time to change it up!


plantzy does offer creative workshops, which is such a great idea! we got curious about the kokedamas one. can you tell us more about this japanese technique? 

people really like our workshops! i don’t want to say to much about it because that is one of the most interesting workshops we offer, and i would not want to spoil ;)

finally, any other advice we should know about before purchasing our next baby plant?

we sell the right plant to the right person. it is important for us to know if this new friend will suit your lifestyle and will be happy in its new space! for example, i really like the croton, but since I don’t have a lot of sunlight in the room where I want to put it, i’d rather choose another plant then see the croton die!