from modeling to star trek with florence-ariel

we love your latest shoot with godefroy mosry! what do you like about working with him?

I like the way he's always testing and trying new techniques - he always has something different he wants to try when I shoot with him and I enjoy taking part in these experiments. Unlike our latest photoshoot, which was digital, I was used to shoot on film with him and I think it definitely influences the way he approaches photography: he is very focused and his pace is smooth and steady. Of course there's also room for risky snapshots, but he pays attention and waits for the right timing, which is strangely not a priority for all photographers.

how did you start modeling?

It depends how you define modeling; unofficially I started at around 14 with my sister. She was working in a clothing shop and would borrow a bunch of things so we could spend a day shooting at various location and 'play models'. I tried getting into an agency at that time but it wouldn't work, so I dropped the idea and went on. But at the age of 20, I was bar tending in a Texan 'hole in the wall' restaurant, and a scout came up to me during my shift and asked me to come by her agency (SPECS). It was surprising to me because I had what they call an 'edgy' sort of style (short/shaved hair and facial piercings) so I didn't expect them to like me much… anyway it worked out all right and I started working with them!

how would you describe the relationship between your style and your personality?

Hmm. An ambiguous-love/hate relationship I'd say. I often feel guilty buying new pieces of clothing… so I don't buy much unless it's really necessary and mostly go with second hand. I look for different cuts, textures and fabrics of quality, the sort of stuff that you can keep for years and that is generally not available in modern stores. My attitude towards clothing changes according to what I'm doing - I'll wear more practical black jeans, t-shirt, sweaters and beanie to attend classes and then wear a nice velvet oversized dress with leather creepers and lipstick if I go out on a special occasion. I guess I just enjoy having the freedom of leaving my apartment with the clothes I picked from the floor without feeling inadequate. On some days I make an extra effort just because I feel like it!

what kind of clothes do you feel best in?

Long johns and a tank top in winter and in summertime I switch the long johns for panties. That's of course for my "at home style game".

who’s your style inspiration?

My style inspiration varies from young Jane Birkin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dana Scully from X-Files.

do you have go-to instagram accounts we should be following?

I would say @juxtapozmag for art, @biancagittens and @eeemejota for inspiring models, @mariannedbrl and @naomiet for local photography and minimalist styling and @bestofyul for the laughter.

if you had to make a playlist for this winter, which artist(s) / song(s) would be on it?

Anika, Jimmy Hunt (Maladie d'amour) and Lana Del Rey (Born to Die)

tell us about your fave chill spot in montreal / anywhere else.

My green couch, watching Star Trek episodes or playing Skyrim

pictures by godefroy mosry