fear of god x teen vogue - wtf but omg

when I learned that jerry lorenzo - the godly man behind streetwear brand fear of god - had agreed to feature his clothing in teen vogue magazine, I was a bit shocked. wtf?! it seems like ages since I last opened a teen vogue - and not because I'm super old and far from my awkward teenage years, I'm still awkward - but because I felt like their content wasn't for me. so then why my homeboy jerry was about to lend them some hot new ss16 samples and shoot a black and white editorial with them? I guess I asked myself the same kind of question when he started dressing justin bieber - but that's another story.

bottom line is, I'm glad that a badass girl like mackenzie tallulah jones and her shaved head appeared in a rather corny magazine. I hope it will inspire young girls to be who the fuck they want - and to layer as many garments as they want.

photographer | lane stewart
stylist | holly jovenall