drawing & tarot reading with alisha davidson

firstly, how has your day been?

a.d. : There's a very calm and quiet atmosphere in my studio, so that's nice, and I've been spending the afternoon working on some new personal illustration work, which is a rarity these days. 

do you have a morning ritual – what do you do when you wake up?

a.d. : Most of my days start pretty early, preferably before 7am - I find I'm much more productive before noon than I am after. I try not to look at my phone or check my email for the first few hours awake, I want to give those first few hours to myself and postpone feeling distracted.

I usually go for a long walk, or run (depending on my energy) through High Park with the dog. When I get back, I drink a bucket of coffee, pull my daily tarot card and get to work.

can you tell us how you started doing illustrations? and when did you get the idea of turning your drawings into objects/products?

I've been drawing for my entire life, but I guess I didn't realize what I was doing was illustrating until about five years ago, when I attended MoCCA in New York and met all these amazing indie illustrators doing similar things. It always felt weird for me to identify as a fine artist, I didn't feel like I fit into that realm, but once I figured out I was an illustrator everything made much more sense.  

I think turning your illustrations into objects is a very common direction for illustrators to turn to. It makes your work suddenly so much more accessible and digestible for people. I really love it because it's quite different than my other work as a freelance illustrator, it allows me to play around a lot more and think about my drawings in a different way.

where do you find inspiration? 

In nature, in myself, through my daily interactions, and from all the amazing and talented women around me.

what keeps you focused while you’re working – what’s your mood music?

In the morning I'm listening to CBC on my old radio, and then later on I usually switch to podcasts. Two Dope Queens, and Baby Geniuses are probably my top go to listens. I love any podcasts run by women, that can also make me laugh, and those two completely nail it. Lately I've been really enjoying Your Dreams my Nightmares. It's great to hear creative people discussing how they be creative, it makes it feel a little less lonely out there.  

when you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I always find this question so funny to answer, as I feel like any young freelancer would be lying if they didn't say they were always working. Although maybe it's easy for me to feel that way because my job is drawing, and my favourite pass time is also drawing. Sometimes I have to be very aware of my drawing time though, to make sure that I separate my working studio time with personal studio time. 

I place a lot of importance on self care, and I do my best to be aware of myself. I'm very interested in moonbeaming, intention setting, ritual magic, and I've recently started learning the art of tarot reading.