thoughts about trends & being a tomboy with @vintagedollrisa

it's tough to find a style blog that can only be described as the equivalent of the '100' emoji - so when we came across vdr, we couldn't keep it to ourselves. in answering a few questions about style, brands, and her thoughts on trends, clarissa has proven to be as cool as her clothes are (spoiler alert: her outfits are everything). 

how would you characterize the relationship between your style and your personality? does one create or shape the other?

my style definitely shapes my personality, or acts as a booster. my style allows me to show all the cool, crazy sides to my character and personality.

do you feel inspired by current trends? as in, to what extent is your style influenced or not influenced by what is currently 'in'?

when it comes to current trends, its 50/50 for me. when a trend catches my attention I tend to give it a little twist that keeps my personal style distinctive

in your latest post, you say, "but working hard is good, it definitely is building my character and I've learned so much already this year." do you feel that your hard work is expressed through your style?

I would say my style is definitely based around my day to day life, I need to be comfortable enough to run errands, attend uni, do shoots and work! so in a way my style does show my hard work. I'm not a girly girl, being a tomboy helps me stay care free, cozy but cool.

do you feel your widespread recognition as a blogger is due to your unique style and perhaps a rejection of what we might call 'mainstream' clothing and outfits?

I would like to believe so, also my unique way of expressing my character, which is mostly fun, carefree and bubbly. but yes i don't really follow whats in within the blogger community

it's clear that you dress for yourself, which can be a huge inspiration to young girls who are still figuring it out. confidence is a big deal here - how would you describe the growth and evolution of your style?

trying different looks out helps with confidence and finding out what works best for you is important. that's how I've come to where I am at now with my style. of course, it's still developing and growing but I'm happy with the signature look I've shaped for myself. I identified what I liked and what inspires me; I look at a lot of movies and music videos from the 90s.

you mix popular/international brands with lesser-known or local brands in your outfits, such as nike and story of lola. do you feel that this mix adds to your uniqueness?

I mix and match to prove you really don't need to spend a fortune - and also wearing bigger brands doesn't necessarily mean you have a good sense of style. I LOVE LOVE LOVE independent underground brands because of the authenticity and uniqueness.

are there any celebrities or other bloggers that have influenced you?

aleali may, kai avant deleon, briana ahanee, ryan destiny are my girls! I love how they have mastered a unique style that is very distinctive to who they are and that inspires me very much! I believe in staying true to yourself always.