cos x hay ss17 - how to style your crib the minimal way


the cos x hay ss17 collab is everything your home decor is missing. we're talking colour schemes, coffee table books you actually want to read, and above all, minimalist simplicity. as for the coffee table books, cos x hay is offering various city guides by cereal and petite passport, including paris, berlin and london. the collection also offers gold plated scissors and serving trays, sleek bottle openers, and pens so fancy you'll feel like a queen while you write your grocery list.

the glasses and bottles, coming in different sizes, are so cute that you'll always want to invite your squad over for drinks (and by drinks, we really mean to show off your cos x hay shit). our faves include the bits & bobs mini glass box (perfect for earrings), the large paper vase (for when bae surprises you with flowers), and the tray side table (again, for showing off when friends come over).

we love how this collab will totally revamp your place without being too flashy. the collection is all about silent statements, and we give it 10/10 for upping our interior decor game.

by nina morena