biannual fw17 - unisex, vegan and awesome

while we're all longing for springtime - not wearing the same fucking winter boots everyday, getting wasted in the afternoon while eating cheap hotdogs at the park etc. - biannual is launching its very first collection! the outerwear brand is kicking off with a crazy-cool fw17 lookbook shot by alex hainer and featuring pieces dropping in august. so, why should you care? well, biannual is 100% vegan meaning they use an exclusive fill made of recycled cashmere and no leather whatsoever. also, the unisex designs are amazing - we literally can't choose our favorite piece... we want them all. in. our. closet. plus, most of the styles are reversible and customizable - want zip-off sleeves? there you go! removable faux fur trims? done!

check out biannual's awesome lookbook below!

by elisabeth labelle