ankle test - catzorange mini circle tote

a few months ago, we were thrilled to share an interview with coco and johnny, the couple behind catzorange. based in brooklyn, the creative pair uses natural cotton rope to craft minimal totes and baskets. following our first ankle test, we thought about reviewing one of catzorange's classic styles: the mini circle tote.

first off, the packaging. catzorange uses a beautiful burnt sienna colored wrapping paper - which is perfectly suited for your purchase, a gift from yourself to yourself. the tote also comes with a branded tissue bag so that it stays sparkling clean.

we chose the mini circle tote because of its versatility - we wore it off the shoulder and crossbody too, not only does it create a cool look, but it's also practical when you're biking around town - and because smaller things are usually cuter, right? jokes aside, it's not always easy to get your hands on timeless, compact bags for going out, or just when you don't need to carry a gazillion things with you.

now, you might be thinking: "a bag made out of cotton rope, that must be delicate as hell!" well, not really, it's actually pretty sturdy! the shoulder strap is made of two ropes, and the shell of the circle tote is tightly put together. weeks went by and there is still no significant signs of usage.

the only downside, your phone might not fully fit in the mini circle tote. although these days, phones end up in your hands or on the table most of the time anyway. we were also cautious about rain, knowing cotton isn't waterproof, and not knowing if water would affect the shell. just in case, we shielded it under our umbrella or jacket if rain came out suddenly from nowhere.

aside from these small concerns, catzorange's mini circle tote is a wonderful option for a timeless, versatile accessory, crafted with care by a lovely couple. to order your own bag or browse through their collection, head over to their online store. you can also review their list of stockists here.

pictures by schaël marcéus