a talk with our favorite montreal dj audreyblng

we recently launched a cool collab with leclubmay and citizen vintage, and we were thrilled to have audreyblng doing a dj set at our party! her smooth vibes were a perfect fit with the collection and we got the idea of sending her a few questions to know her better.

firstly, how has your day been?

my day has been great, i decided to go on a little camping-bike trip for three days. right now, i’m alone by the campfire answering this q&a and there's a bunch of raccoons around me trying to steal my food.

we’re curious to know how you ended up making music?

i've been in music programs since i was young. i got to play various instruments, learned about music theory and all that; i guess you could say my formation was more about classic music.

i developed an interest in deejaying a long time ago, i had this idea in my head to do something creative and continue music in another way. i had some friends doing it and that's pretty much it - i found the tools to learn and i did it.

what is your main source of inspiration before tackling a new track or mixtape?

i’d say that for my mixtapes, it goes with the mood i am in at that moment: it can be personal stuff or even the weather, but basically it's always about sharing good music with good people. for me, deejaying is very similar to the work of a researcher. 

how would you describe your vibe?

in general, my mixtapes tend to be easy going, smooth and jazzy. i like the concept of simplicity in every form of the visual arts that i consume: design, painting, sculpture, photos, etc. that reflects in my mixes too.

your favorite gig so far?

i'm deejaying with the rap group bad nylon and every gig with them is special. it’s a completely different dynamic to build a show with a team: sharing the scene with mcs, i get to explore something so unlike playing a set alone. we had an event at suwu two weeks ago for the release of our new music video « rappa ». we did a small live performance and afterwards, i did a set for the rest of the night. it was two completely different vibes but both were great. i also played at ping pong club last saturday and that was a casual, super fun gig too. 

can you name a couple of artists you’ve discovered recently? anything we should start listening this minute?

iamddb, noname, pedro., tops, ivan ave, clairo, the blaze, sza. they aren’t all recently found but all supa dupa good.

browsing through your instagram, we couldn’t help but notice your love for streetwear and sneakers. what are your favorite brands right now? 

haha. well I like local brands like jjjjound, editorial magazine, and girl’s club. i'm also really into frankie collective, na nin vintage and alyx studio these days.

one item you can’t live without?

my electric scooter.

any cool releases, projects or collaborations coming up?

i’ll be playing at festival mode & design in august and you can also catch me in small venues this summer. bad nylon is working on an album that is to be released soon and we have a couple of shows coming up: soir, meg and oumf, to name a few.

any favorite spots in montreal to recommend?

for coffee: olympico

for a date: buvette chez simone

for good books: librairie drawn & quarterly

for art: dhc-art

for shows: centre phi, théâtre fairmount, sala rossa 


photos | alma ki