a talk with nicole maslo from maslo jewelry


a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum will always bring something new and exciting to the table, and in the world of affordable and aesthetically timeless jewelry, nicole maslo is your gal.

nicole started off as a graphic designer and now bring to life all these minimal statement pieces every woman so desperately needs. working with her favourite materials -copper, brass and wood - her collection inspired by the suprematist movement is all circles and sudden right-angle bends. meanwhile, her copper noir et blanc pieces combine raw and industrial elements, which means that you can wear these bracelets and necklaces whether you dress normcore, athleisure or man-repeller.

when asked what pushed her to produce essential jewelry at such affordable prices (even unpaid art gallery interns can snag one for their next day at work) nicole responds: β€œI wanted to create something simple, and affordable. I like the idea of buying something in more than one colour when I like the style and bones of it so that was my focus. for now I plan to stick to those roots, but who knows what the future holds!”

thank you nicole for your pieces that help me go from the sheets to the streets, day and night.

by cecilia blume