a talk with louise markey from l.f.markey

we recently wrote about l.f.markey's ss17 collection - the brand was created by a central saint martins graduate and ex-burberry designer. we decided to contact louise markey herself to learn more about her love for workwear, while also discussing her go-to colors and fabrics.

firstly, how has your day been?

has just started- nice and early in the studio today at 8.30am. so far so good.

do you have a morning ritual – what do you do when you wake up?

i don’t have a particularly glamorous morning ritual, i’m up whenever the kids wake me (usually 6:30) and then it’s a laboured process of getting them fed, dressed and off to nursery. i walk into work as early as i can make it and usually get a coffee from the cafe next to my studio. then emails, emails, emails!

can you tell us how l.f. markey started?

the label was born after i graduated from central saint martins, and was originally much more conceptual and less wearable. i also had a second line which was only shirts. eventually i merged these two strands and l.f.markey became what it is today.

we’ve read that you find inspiration in workwear - where does your passion for utility clothing comes from?

i have been wearing workwear myself for many years now. i like practicality and durability. i need pockets in all my clothes!

we’re big fans of workwear too, and, as women, we often feel labeled as “less feminine” or “tomboyish”. have you experienced that before? or do you think your customers feel that way sometimes?

i used to feel tomboyish but these days both myself and l.f.markey are going into a phase of looking more ‘feminine' whilst retaining the workwear sensibility. my most popular boilersuits at the moment are 1970s inspired: form fitting and elasticated at the waist. it could swing back to being more boyish in the future though.

can you tell us more about your go-to colors and fabrics?

i have a palette that i often return to - salmons / mustards / vermillion and mint tones. also primaries are key colours for the l.f.markey brand. however my biggest seller by a long way is navy blue!

if you had to pick your favorite item from the ss17 collection, what would it be? 

at the moment it’s all about the danny boilersuit - i can’t keep them on the shelves!

what keeps you focused while you’re working – what’s your mood music?

my partner is in radio so i listen to his show or playlists while i work. he has great taste, very eclectic!

when you’re not working, what do you like to do?

at the moment my kids are so little, they take up all my spare time. if i had more time i would probably be making things - my mum and i are big fans of art courses. i recently did a jewellery making course!