a talk with juliette harkness from deiji studios

summer is the season of lazy mornings. sleeping in with the windows opened, hearing the birds sing, feeling the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the breeze. oh, endless snoozing! when you love staying in bed so much, you want to treat yourself with something nice and soft. that's why we were thrilled to discover deiji studios. based in byron bay, australia, juliette harkness developed a line of sheets and duvets made of french linen that are pretty and environmentally friendly.

do you have a morning ritual – what do you do when you wake up?

coffee is usually the first thing on my mind.

while we’re talking about getting out of bed, could you tell us how deiji studios came to be?

i have always wanted to do something creative, my mother is french and i have always seen the most beautiful [linen] pieces passed down from her great aunts that have lasted years and years… i guess i fell in love with the fabric.

do you feel like most people commonly settle for less when it comes to the quality of their bed sheets? isn’t a bit weird? because when you stop and think about it, we spend a lot of time in bed, on a regular basis.

i feel that people realize how important it is to look after yourself internally and externally, having a good nights rest is one of the most important things for a healthy mind, i myself do notice i get much better rest with good quality bedding.

a lot of environmentally-conscious brands we love and talk about on ankle are from australia - any idea why this eco-friendly mentality is prevailing back home?

the social media culture contributes to that, the spread of word is powerful. people are informed and educated by others, there is a whole new understanding on where products are made and what they are made from.

can you tell us more about french linen? what makes it special?

european linen is softer than any other linen… might be the climate? you will notice with linen it will soften the more it is used and washed, 30% stronger than cotton, is hypo-allergenic, highly breathable and environmentally friendly, as it uses less water and chemicals to cultivate

any tips for taking care of our deiji studios sheets?

i find linen very durable, i’m very lazy with my washing but linen will stand the test of time, that’s the beauty of it.

also, we have to say, we’re totally in love with your loungewear sets. what was your thought process when it came to design them?

we wanted to create something that was super comfy to wear around the house that you also felt good in, a outfit that could be mix matched and worn out, or hosting a lazy dinner party with a glass of wine in hand.

do you have someone in mind when you think about the deiji studios customer?

someone who enjoys the simple things in life, just something small to make them feel good.

are you an early bird or more of a ’snooze’ type?

oh definitely a ‘snooze’ type!

do you have a bedtime ritual?

cup of tea, a good 90’s thriller.