a talk with gemma leslie from scottie store

these rainy, depressing, summer days are keeping us in bed - which gave us the idea of writing to gemma leslie, the talented human being behind scottie store. based in melbourne, australia, she designs french linen sheets to give your bed a sustainable, healthy and pretty twist. after reading our q&a, head over to scottie's online store and enjoy a 20% discount with promo code ankleonline.

hey gem, how are you?

i’m great - it’s saturday morning and i have nothing planned today.

do you have a morning ritual – what do you do when you wake up?

mornings before work is very quick at home. i wake up, splash water on my face, throw on some clothes on, grab a takeaway coffee and walk to the city via the botanic gardens. usually i listen to some sort of podcast on the way.

while we’re talking about getting out of bed, could you tell us how scottie came to be?

i’ve always slept in linen since i was a kid. maybe 3-4 years ago i noticed my friends only slept in cotton - simply because linen wasn’t really readily available in australia. that sparked a thought … so i did some research, got some samples made - and here we are, almost 3 years later.

do you feel like most people commonly settle for less when it comes to the quality of their bed sheets? isn’t a bit weird? because when you stop and think about it, we spend a lot of time in bed, on a regular basis.

yes i think that’s about right! it’s a wild world, and people's priorities are slowly shifting into more of a health & well-being mindset. sleep is becoming more important than ever - i even think it is trending on goop haha.

you’re based in melbourne, australia. how does it influence your work and products? 

work sometimes feels very local, and it’s nice to see familiar faces all the time. being in melbourne influenced me in starting a small business, there is a lot of inspirational people here … i have a lot of friends who run smaller fashion houses, cafes etc. it’s a nice way of life. we’re keen on traveling - so i suppose i’m lucky in that sense to have the flexibility to do that.

a lot of environmentally-conscious brands we love and talk about on ankle are from australia - any idea why this eco-friendly mentality is prevailing back home?

we have loads of small businesses here in melbourne. it’s a wonderful community, where businesses share ideas and talk a lot. there is a huge ‘slow’ movement (mainly in fashion & hospitality) which we are trying to surpass trends.

i also think both designers and consumers in australia are so well educated and passionate around the topic of sustainability. i feel australians take on the responsibility of making meaningful choices, and encouraging better products and awareness of the worlds well-being.

can you tell us more about french flax linen? what makes it special?

linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber and is often regarded in europe as the best quality material to sleep in. it is derived from the flax plant (the same plant that yields flax seeds which are now commonly regarded as a superfood). 

linen has many benefits, mostly associated with its balance between longevity and its ability to develop incredible softness over time. it is highly regarded for its insulation properties - meaning that it traps warmth in winter months, but has the ability to breathe and move air in summer months, thereby keeping you cool. 

the cultivation and manufacturing of flax is environmentally friendly requiring less irrigation, pesticides and energy than most other fibers, including cotton. typically, the flax plant, from which linen is derived requires only one fifth of the pesticides and fertilizers that cotton requires.

any tips for taking care of our scottie french linen?

every few months, wash your linen in lukewarm water, without detergent. this just helps rinse all the loose fibers and trapped detergents that settle in the fabric.

also, we have to say, we’re totally in love with your colors. what’s your thought process when it comes to selecting them?

the colors come from a holiday i took in 2015 - i spent 5 weeks traveling throughout italy. the scottie pallets are just a distant memory of the Italian dream! perfecto!

do you have someone in mind when you think about the scottie customer? 

our customers are very much like-minded to our company, but not necessarily share the same story! i think these people shop with local business also, they prefer to go to their corner store instead of the larger supermarket. we designed the collection with different homes, seasons and environments in mind - hoping to cater for everyone's needs. 

what keeps you focused while you’re working – what’s your mood music?

starting the day right helps me keep focused. listening to a podcast that i’m interested in gets my brain going! for music, ‘monday morning mixtape’ by stamp the wax - i cheat and listen the playlists on all days. i’m wild like that.

are you an early bird or more of a ’snooze’ type?

i love the morning, it’s such wonderful part of the day.

do you have a bedtime ritual?

at the moment it’s winter, so i’m looking after my skin before i go to bed. also, i know digital is bad in bed, but i like to flick through nowness and catch up on some cinema! 

finally, what’s coming up for scottie this summer?

launching a collaboration with a local artist. stay tuned.

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